I am a full stack web developer who grew up in rural Ohio, and later decided to uproot my life and head to Portland, OR to get into software. Hi.

I am well versed in Test Driven Development, Ruby on Rails, Javscript, Ember.js, and Meteor. I also am a dabbler in python, C, and Clojure

About Me

I have always loved mathematics and logic. Unsurprisingly, I've found myself at home since anytime I get in an IDE or text editor to have some fun.

Non-Billable Activities

  • Rock Climbing
  • Open Source Contributions
  • Painting/Drawing/Photoshop
  • Photography
  • Perfecting my buffalo wings recipe
  • Dancing in the moonlight


I have done freelance design work as well as projects with Epicodus

Speed Reader

David Wagner



Porkbelly BBQ

Short.ly: a bit.ly clone


I'm easily reached by email, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I also am actively seeking a position as a developer anywhere in the continental United States. Feel free to reach out.


Check the sidebar for other easy and aforementioned ways to reach me :)